Windows96 is trending & other Future Funk & Vaporwave News

Welcome to the Future Funk & Vaporwave news of 5/28/2019. Today we have a cassette, a couple of digital releases and of course since it’s Tuesday a new episode. This time interviewing Future Funk Artist UNI DELUXE!

Windows96 is on everyones mind today

So yesterday Pad Chennington releases his a new video on Windows96. Earlier this month in the History of Business Casual episode we discussed how his Windows96 was a huge artist for their label and one of the few vinyls Business Casual released. Windows96 album, One Hundred Mornings, is one of the few vaporwave artists who has hit over 1 million views on youtube. He’s huge in the scene and he’s now finally getting the spotlight he deserves from Pad.

Then after that video came out, it inspired Chiefahleaf to make a music video for the song Deep Swim.

Last Month Windows96 released his latest masterpiece titled, Enchanted Instrumentals and Whispers and can be found on bandcamp now!

Physical Release

Ten Thousand Years in the Wasteland by Fictional Girlfriend

Ten Thousand Years in the Wasteland by Fictional Girlfriend (Limited Edition Cassette)

New artist to me, this is an experiemntal ambient vapor album. 8 tracks of slowed down waste I suppose. It\’s enjoyable to listen to.

Digital Releases

Seek, And You Shall Find by creative_reality17

Yeah I\’m starting to get how creative makes his tracks. He makes a 10-30 second bit and then loops it to make a 3 minute track. Not bad or anything but I used to be more impressed at this album releases.

Won’t You Join Me on An Adventure? // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​709 by Saros-FM

Nice like album mixed with space feels and chill adventures. I enjoyed the track Blue Clouds a lot.

128 // DMT​​​​​-​​​​​708 by Saros-FM

A second album released by Saros today. This time a mix of funk and up beat jams. Completely different than the previous album.


Was on the fence about if I should promote this. I know PZA has a history, not a good one. Just more interested in the team that finds out what songs he\’s stolen (if any) this time around.

C​%​L & FR3​$​H by MR. D%D

The track, Make Any Business Plan, feels more like I\’m on a starfleet about to travel across a galaxy. Then Determine How You\’ll Make A Profit feels like I already made big bucks and I\’m walking out of the office feeling like a pro. lol. It\’s a fun album.


a mix of experimental, vaporwave, vaporbass and vaporhop.

The Moon is Made of Cheese by Eli Raybon

a new single by Eli Raybon. This time spacy ambients and a great 80s voxal track. He\’s got a great voice man.

Windows96 is trending & other Future Funk & Vaporwave News 5

Windows96 is trending & other Future Funk & Vaporwave News 6

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