Write about one, the next will sound like the other + other releases

Meta News

Write about one, the next will sound like the other + other releases 1

I hung out with Ethan from Middle Class Comfort and the co-owner of First Class Collective. We tried recording a dead mall series (we’ll see) and then got a casual interview for the channel. I’m excited to see how the footage turned out, expect the interview release next week.

Physical Releases

Write about one, the next will sound like the other + other releases 2

Dreams by n0x (n0x ‘DREAMS’ on CASSETTE!)

This feels like an introduction to synths in album form. There’s just something missing probably a fuller baseline. Interesting this got a cassette release considering how short the album is, but at least you get a bonus track of a Jesse Cassette Remix of track 5.

Write about one, the next will sound like the other + other releases 3

TROPICAL MESS by ACTIVE PRESENCE (Limited Edition Cassette + Digital Download)

Why does this sound like an improved album of Dreams by n0x. That’s two albums today that sound like a previously written album I reviewed. It’s a different sound for business casual, not sure if this synthly randomly generated sounding music is my style.

Digital Releases

Everyone Knows That I Am A Monster by Yoko Momo

Every once in a while I get an email from an artist looking for promotion. Usually the albums are decent and borderline vapor but I always report on them. Only issue is I usually forget about them pretty quickly. This album, this album stands out. In the first track, The Night Is Always Longer Than You Think, I completely understand what the artist is feeling with the vocal melody. There slow creep of night in a rather peaceful experience we all share in sleep. The textures and percussion in the other tracks are just as impressive. I’m really happy the artist introduced me to this album.


The first track, BLIND-CLASS ARISTOCRACY, sounds like it could have been on the Yoko Momo oddly enough. Which is a good thing because both albums are incredible. I recently ported a PSX game to the PSP and did the design for the preview artwork and it’s funny how this album art is using the PSX case design. I don’t know why I never thought to make my own vaporwave in that style.

音楽の薬 (Music Medicine) by MR.WAX

I’m going to release a full interview of this on my youtube channel but you gotta check out the song Seapunk. If it’s the last thing you do today. I think it’s the next hit vibes. Check out the interview I had with Mr. Wax until that comes out.

return by darkbelight

So first track, semi powerful chants. but second track completely switched it up with a guitar basic groove and a drum kit that… that drums. Luckily the vocal like guitar picks up and made me start to appreciate the madness.

⌛ by Everly Pale

The last album of the night for me and… ambience. Well I’ll put it on to fall a sleep and hope for pink dreams.

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