You Can Have It All with Porter Vong and other news – 5/8/2019

Physical Releases

Virtua Fantasy XI by V I R T U A 94 Records

V I R T U A 94 Records – Virtua Fantasy XI (cassette)

The preorder for this cassette ends today, so if you want this awesome video game / vaporwave release

Sunsets nano神社 (✪㉨✪) (vinyl)

Sunsets nano神社 (✪㉨✪) (vinyl) – preorder

A very interesting synthy release by Nano. He put a killer music video as well for this release. There’s a 200 requirement for this release go check it out.

バビロンの空中庭園 上 by desert sand feels warm at night

バビロンの空中庭園 上 by desert sand feels warm at night (cassette)

Another release of this slush wave album by Desert Sand Feels Warm at Night. A classic enough that it’s getting a second repress on Seikomart. Out Tomorrow

Reflections by Jordan Christoff (cassette)

Reflections by Jordan Christoff (cassette)

Two, 20 minute full length songs, 21:00 about each of pure landscape ambient music. Makes you want to reflect on life and the future. Interesting for sure.

Porter Vong - You Can Have It All (cassette)

Porter Vong – You Can Have It All (cassette)

Porter Vong, my favorite internet start, finally has out his first cassette.

“No labels. No sponsors. No studios. Raw recording straight from my mansion, I am self-releasing my mixtape, so my clients can have it NOW! I got myself on top and I can help you do the same. Let me show you how!”

Digital Releases

777 by Sev

“Brandon Sevigny is far from your typical producer in the post-internet sphere. Collecting his sounds from a wide range of influences, he manages to toe the line between synthwave, vaporwave, video game OST and straight up funk while never fully committing to one. And it’s this refusal to commit to any one influence that has formed the defining aspect of his sound; the groove.” – Vivarium Recordings

Scene news

desert sand feel warm at night (cassette)

Out tomorrow at 11PM EST. Stay tuned on Seikomarts bandcamp

Virtua Fantasy XI (cassette)

Preorder ends for Virtua Fantasy XI on Virtua94 Records. It’s a compilation album with various vaporwave / video game artists.

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