Zer0 れい – Hellveterra Album Review (Guest Post)

Today we have a special guest on the site, Z.E.R.O… writing about Zer0 れい’s Hellveterra. Two different people btw. Hope you enjoy this review~

Hiraeth Records, 猫シCorp‘s label, released it’s two first albums surrounding the world of 猫シCorp and his old project 地球 (EarthEarth), so when HR003 was announced, everyone was asking about who was going to be the first artist signed to HR and surprisingly, this artist was Zer0 れい, known by some works like ブラックマジック (Black Magic), Tungsten Dragon CXE and more.

The album is presented as a AI made post-apocalyptical land where dreams are crushed by the machines. The album sounds really well using references of Symphonic Black Metal, Post-Mallsoft, Dungeon Synth, Dark Ambient and 32-bit era videogames, while the mastering was made by the legendary t e l e p a t h.

Silica Animus

This track is the door we open to the world of Hellveterra. The first synth hit we hear already tells us what the album is pretending to sound through the tracks, with a dark sounding bassline and machinery stomps with some cymbals at the background, Silica Animus is a surprisingly good track, in comparison to the last two works released in the label.


Gwaihir already starts off with a heavy ambience following a gritty guitar tune, which gives us the feeling that the album wants, a creepy side of the machine and AI world surrounding us. The scariest element of the track is of course the rhythmic cymbals and stomps reverbing in the background (basically the main element of the entire album) while we feel the basslines and the slightly distorted ambience.


This track, in my opinion, is the best one in the album without any doubt. Really shows us what Zer0 れい wants to express in this album, with the dark lead melody resonating together with the dark bassline that is following us through this journey, the artist creates a image using the sound of this post-apocalyptical machine field.

Void Dragon

The final track of the album has a different feeling than the rest, the rhythm velocity is increased, the melody is slower and the stomps sounds heavier than the usual. Suddenly, the track calms down a little but still shows the creepy and scary feeling of the AI domination through the earth.

The track ends with a simple ambience sound, that resonates in your ears and will always remember you about the Hellveterra experience.

Album Art

The album cover art was made by Zer0 れい himself, which is a pretty cool way to show his work beside music, and features a great uniqueness. The “Hellveterra” sign in some kind of restrict area shows off really well the feeling that the album wants to tell us. The glitchy aspect of it also contributes to the album aesthetics and resembles to the 32-bit video game feeling on the music.

Available formats

The formats the album were released are digital, 300 black vinyl copies, 160 purple vinyl copies (sold out already) and 300 all over print w/ purple shell cassette copies. The album on the first few minutes was available as a Name Your Price option at Hiraeth Records Bandcamp page, but right now the digital format costs 5 Euros.

Final thoughts

For his debut at Hiraeth Records, Zer0 れい did a absolutely stunning and unforgettable appearance, remembering a bit the TRON-Era Daft Punk style, using this darker aspect of music to show us a actually futuristic view of the actual use of technology and also, bringing back the controversial Dungeon Synth genre to life once again.

Zer0 れい - Hellveterra Album Review (Guest Post) 5

Zer0 れい - Hellveterra Album Review (Guest Post) 6

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