S01E32: Holographic Tupperwave, Japanese Ads and more – 4/12/2019 NEWS OF THE WEEK

Today’s episode This weeks interview Music Videos Coming soon Funding Projects Help fund Reincarnated Resurrection by キラヨシ: https://qrates.com/projects/17303 Spotify releases Other Night Tempo’s Cassette collection of citypop: https://www.instagram.com/citypopcassette/ collection of japanese ads on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/soikll5/videos Songs used in this episode with permission: 囚人 by desert sand feels warm at night Citation Georgina Born, Christopher Haworth, […]

Daily News: MΔRBLΘID, Tekres, CREME RINSE すすぎとリピート, Strawberry Station and more – 4/11/2019

For more release, cassettes, vinyl and concert, stay up to date in future funk and vaporwave with MTHU’s calendar New releases A Trip Through Yellowstone by Uncle Squiddz (cassette) ☆Limited Edition Cassette Tape 4.11 11PM(EST)/4.12 12PM(JST) Completely changing up his sound and touching base with his ambient side, A […]Find out more » APHELION DRIFT: […]

Daily News: New cassettes, future release, music videos and more – 4/9/2019

Note: Will be updating all day, contact me on twitter to add your release here @MusicsTheHangUp Todays releases Shop Like You Mean It by Alves Post-Vaporware released by Alves, read more… Upcoming releases APHELION DRIFT: QUARANTINE by CREME RINSE すすぎとリピート (cassette) ☆Limited Edition Cassette Tape 4.11 11PM(EST)/4.12 12PM(JST) read more…  Hi all, The cassettes for 19-83 […]

S01E31: What’s on Aristotle’s Hard Drive? A Vaporwave interview (video)

Episode Notes I had a chance to hang out with Aristotle’s Hard Drive a relatively under ground artist but I think has huge potential. He’s taken heart break and real life experiences to I think allows him to bring beautiful impactful vaporwave. Although he still memes the genre, I enjoy his style and that he […]

Daily News: Hibiki, AcquiredTaste, Uncle Squiddz, 2DCat physical releases & more – 4/8/2019

New Releases Departure by Temporal孤独 Now available through Geometric Lullaby: Departure by Temporal孤独. Limited Edition Cassette – Dusk read more… Airwaves Burgundy by ~AcquiredTaste (cassette) “Airwaves Burgundy comes on a smoky brown tinted cassette, manufactured and dubbed in real time with love by our friends over at duplication.ca!” read more… Global Outlook by Alternate Skies […]

Daily News: ミカヅキBIGWAVE releases new cassette and more – 4/6/2019

Today’s releases 空気系 – scenery (Cassette & Digital) This is 2 hours 35 minutes of the most experimental music I’ve heard out of Japan. It’s weird, short clips but a very interesting experience. I think it’s worth the purchase. Find out more » ミカヅキBIGWAVE – she is a magic girl (vinyl) ✨🌙NEW VINYL🌙✨she is a […]

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