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Stereo [စတီရီယို] Recordings '76 by Viajero Desconocido (Digital) 8

Stereo [စတီရီယို] Recordings '76 by Viajero Desconocido (Digital)

[TWFM 019]

1976. That was the year I went to the ancient land of Burma. It was a short trip, but i met a special person. The villagers were some of the best people i've met. They gave me spicy food, medicinal herbs, all kinds of non-sweet tea, they showed me to convive with the nature, the psychedelics, extra-sensorial experiences. They showed me love. They showed me what life is all about. It was magical.

Here, I bring you the only recordings I own from that trip. This kind of music was present everywhere there, and I want to show you at least a little bit of that magical land.

With love, from Ghana.
– Reiv Aj"

released December 11, 2019

Produced by: Viajero Desconocido