Waking Up Early with Bobby Brown and Home Entertainment Revolutions

What a title but that is what we have today. a great remix of a Bobby Brown classic. A chill synth album that brings back memories of a particular architecture. and finally a blast of the optimistic past of entertainment. Did I miss a release? Let me know on twitter or instagram.  Finesse by Shiruetto Shiruetto […]

Does album art matter + other releases

News: Compilations looking for music I just found out about two compilations that are looking for music: The first one by CEO of 인공 안개 도시 on discord specifically for (Cursed) signalwave. “Send (possibly cursed) signalwave tracks to artificialfogcity@gmx(dot)com , deadline is on 1 March 2020” The guys from VA:10 project are putting together another […]

80s sci-fi like b-movie soundtrack + other releases

I’ve got a bit of a cold these past two days but that hasn’t stopped me from working on this mysterious 7 day signalwave project. I won’t say more other than, Azuresands大麻 has also released an interesting mysterious album on cassette today, so check that out below. Also if you’ve been collecting climatewave, today we […]

Ultimate Guide to Vaporwave Clothing / Shops

Outside of music and the deep faux message about capitalism there’s a truly unique aesthetic behind Vaporwave. A lot of artists, labels and brands cater to this design so here’s a list of Vaporwave clothing / shops I found that I am happy to support. If you want to add your shop to the list […]

When the vapor is just too strong

Some days I am just the luckiest guy in vapor. I listen to so much new vaporwave albums every day for these daily releases and some times it feels more like machine work than a connection. Today is one of those outstanding days where every track I heard brought nostalgic please to my ears. So […]

News – Deep space, malls and midnight ads

What a Saturday we have in the vapor world. So much cassette and vinyl released. So music label news. Even more digital releases. Hope everyone is having a good weekend and found something they enjoy listening to because of this post. Did I miss a release? Let me know on twitter or instagram.  Midnight Ads […]

24 Hour Forecast by Alternate Skies (Album Review) – vinyl Pre-order

Our beloved climatewave artist Alternate Skies has released his album 24 Hour Forecast on vinyl for pre-order this week. I thought it would be a perfect time to finally review one of their albums, so why not start with this one to celebrate the vinyl release. For those not familiar with the climatewave / weathersoft […]

Citypop become vapornoise with Emerld + other releases

You know just when I think future funk has done it all to the beloved citypop track Plastic Love, a vaporwave artist takes it and reinvents what it means to sample. Check out that track and more below in today’s releases. Did I miss an album released today? Hit me up on twitter or instagram […]

VA:10 – A Vaporwave Anniversary Cassette box announced!

Today we had our first look at the cassette box set for the VA:10’s Vaporwave Anniversary project. They’ve teamed up with My Pet Flamingo to release this super high quality looking box which will house a (currently) unknown amount of cassettes. Release date unknown. For those who are not familiar with the VA:10 Vaporwave Anniversary […]

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