This whole week I’ve been living with ADRIANWAVE, Sparkly Night and クリスタルKITSUNE in a one room AirBnB in Tokyo… all for the sole purpose of them performing at this concert. This is my third concert (Groove Horizons / 100% Electronicon) in the future funk / vaporwave scene I’ve been to in 2 months and this […]

Downtempo album Beach Bumps out now + other releases

Not to much on physical releases today but the digital releases are actually really solid. Some retro video game Synthwave, Slushwave, Downtempo and more. Did I miss a release? Let me know on twitter or instagram.  Digital Releases Terminal World by Kalin Castler Terminal World by Kalin Castler Kalin Castler first album brings out the […]

The perfect day for chillwave fans + other releases

Today is a great day for digital and physical releases for chillwave / synthwave albums. Some in the hypnagogic theme, some in the future sound and other with vapor. I’m sure you’ll find one. Did I miss a release? Let me know on twitter or instagram.  Physical Releases Motorised by Motoroto (Limited Edition CS) Really […]

A beautiful album about Satellite Frequencies + other releases

Today I’m introduced to Detroit house, sweet percussions I aspire to create and a beautiful vapor album about Satellite Frequencies. I’m very new to some of the house genres, so if I got something wrong here, let me know on twitter or instagram.  Physical Releases Otherworlds EP by softcoresoft (12″ Vinyl – LTBLK012) Oh, a […]

Music for food courts + other releases

As of this morning, we haven’t seen any cassette or physical releases in the vapor scene. Which is interesting because that rarely happens. That’s okay because I’ll update this page as the day continues, maybe we will see some. Regardless, we are getting some cool digital releases. Actually a couple of unreleased tracks and first […]

Dark industrial Techno kind of day + other releases

Not every day I introduce a break album in the daily releases but today we have a sweet one from the one and only Lobster Theremin and Globex Corp. I’d a 12″ vinyl I’m really tempted to purchase, I just wish I could listen to more of the tracks. I love when two labels combine […]

ll nøthing ll & MIDI에서 on cassette + other releases

Tuesday morning and we are in for a treat. A mock movie future funk album by Jelly BonBon, jazzy vapor by two up and coming in the scene and so much more. Enjoying the daily news, interviews, weekly podcast and youtube episodes? Help support Musics the Hang Up on Patreon! Learn more here Physical Releases […]

Terna Jay captivates my soul + other releases

Today we see Hit Vibes by Saint Pepsi make it to Bandcamp (wow). Cassette collaborations. Joji like vapor trap and more. Like what you heard? Let me know on twitter or instagram.  Meta News The long teased collaboration video I’ve hinted to on discord is finally out. I’ve come together with Pad Chennington to release […]

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