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Anisotropic Collapse – LES (Digital)

Album Description

Inspired by Stephen Hawking's book β€œA Brief History of Time” and space phenomena, LES sought to create sounds which capture subatomic particles dancing,
"Anisotropic Collapse" was recorded using analog and modular synths and an "anti-radio" instrument that captures electromagnetic fields. Enjoy the voyage!

LES - LunarEscapeSystem - is an Israeli electronic music duo based in Tel Aviv, formed by Elena P. and Genrietta P.

LES is an ambient/soundscape/techno project that began collaborating six years ago and ever since performed multiple times in live A/V.

LES explores electronic sound and has developed a sonic language inspired by ... [Read more]

Released on Virtual Soundsystem Records's Bandcamp. Info: released June 13, 2021

Music and artwork by LES.
Mixed by Assaf Tager, and mastered in Artefacts Studio, Berlin.

[VSS_123] Virtual Soundsystem Recs. 2021

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