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Anisotropic Collapse – LES (Digital)

Album Description

Inspired by Stephen Hawking's book “A Brief History of Time” and space phenomena, LES sought to create sounds which capture subatomic particles dancing,
"Anisotropic Collapse" was recorded using analog and modular synths and an "anti-radio" instrument that captures electromagnetic fields. Enjoy the voyage!

LES - LunarEscapeSystem - is an Israeli electronic music duo based in Tel Aviv, formed by Elena P. and Genrietta P.

LES is an ambient/soundscape/techno project that began collaborating six years ago and ever since performed multiple times in live A/V.

LES explores electronic sound and has developed a sonic language inspired by ... [Read more]

Released on Virtual Soundsystem Records's Bandcamp. Info: released June 13, 2021

Music and artwork by LES.
Mixed by Assaf Tager, and mastered in Artefacts Studio, Berlin.

[VSS_123] Virtual Soundsystem Recs. 2021

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