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Antemyre by Echelon Anthracite (Digital)

Album Description

Antemyre is a chronological collection of Aiden Harlow's b-sides up to June of 2019 in which the Echelon Anthracite name was no more. Releasing originally under the Joseph Demonte name, he started his career releasing music for Nomad. Eventually he obtained a DAW and started working on his first EP titled Swans, which was re-branded to Short Winter. Numerous releases were put on Soundcloud & Bandcamp but he eventually became disillusioned with the work and wanted to start a new. That's where Leuchtend comes in...

You can listen to extra material here: [Read more]

Released on Tremolo Skies's Bandcamp. Info: released March 20, 2020

Synthesizers, Drum Programming, Mixing & Mastering by Aiden Harlow

Produced & Artist Management (A&R) by Anthony Lopez

Descent, Druid, Flight on the Sound of Solar Rays & Electronic Signals Lost in Space recorded at Studio ISTTA

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