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Autumn – Kintsugist (Digital)

Album Description

Part three of a four part series of EPs by Australian producer Kintsugist dedicates itself to the transitory season of autumn. Originally released on the now defunct Holojamz label, “Autumn” features a unique approach to sound creation, chopping and stretching the artist's own acoustic guitar recordings and delicately layering them with effects. The result is a cinematic rendition of the liminal passage between summer and winter, steeped in a palpable atmosphere of elated introspection.


Part 1 of 4 — Spring

Part 2 of 4 — Summer [Read more]

Released on Liminal Garden's Bandcamp. Info: released May 7, 2021

Originally released on March 31, 2021.

Music and artwork created and produced by Kintsugist.

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