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AVlandia by AV 0 (Digital)

Album Description

It's early/middle 90's. You're a kid watching television for hours. Outside is rain, streets, high buildings and a distant light. How beautiful to lose any contact with reality, being in a better world. All full of fantasy, feelings and music. More than real... Every Tv show has his own beautiful theme. And you will remember those songs and all the sounds that makes your childhood days forever. Then you grow. Those sounds are still stuck in your head. Every time you listen to them again, you feel like singing, in a state of pure joy mixed with melancholy. Until the day you decide to make your own music around them to give a present to your inner child. Anyway, this is the purest ... [Read more]

Released on Seikomart's Bandcamp. Info: released May 25, 2020


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