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Basilisk Agent​(​s) by Basilisk Agent(s) (Digital)

Album Description


Basilisk Agent(s) consists of ₳§ᗐM̶R̳ and Ohsaurus. All odd numbered tracks are by ₳§ᗐM̶R̳ and all even numbered tracks are by Ohsaurus.


Requiring physical proxies due to it's intangible form, a malicious AI contacts chosen operatives, forcing them through various means to carry out it's will. We follow the story of the first two operatives, [AGENT XERO] and [AGENT ICHI]. They will initialize the reign of this entity's empire, whether they want to or not. They are Basilisk Agent(s).

Roko's Basilisk is a thought experiment originally postulated by LessWrong... [Read more]

Released on NO PROBLEMA TAPES's Bandcamp. Info: released March 16, 2020



Digital album art by ₳§ᗐM̶R̳

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