Albums / [在常情節中找到自己] by abenrmal (Digital)

[在常情節中找到自己] by abenrmal (Digital)

Album Description

This album came about from my frustration of over a year of not being able to find new music that was meaningful and enjoyable to my taste. It is both a reflection on politics, art, society, the human condition, but limited to what samples I could find to convey what that had also resonated with me. As far as musically, I've always been a bit frustrated as a self taught musician (a guitarist primarily) in seeing what those who had been playing for far longer than I would try to compose for their own original music. I just kept thinking to myself, "man, if I was that technically proficient, I wouldn't be content with just playing that." I'd want to be continually pushing... [Read more]

Released on Virtual Soundsystem Records's Bandcamp. Info: released February 23, 2020

Produced by abenrmal.

Mastering engineer: M. Vicedomini


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