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🝣 by ☿ (Digital)

Album Description

Building upon the expunging of impurities through Nigredo (Putrefaction), the step of Albedo (Purification) works mostly upon realizing and sweeping these impurities clean. This step is very simplistic in a literal, truly alchemical sense, and is more of a preparation for more work to come.

However, re-analyzing in the context of the previously mentioned Carl Jung, he chose to examine this step as a way of self-realization, of a way to truly clean all of these impurities away once we've become aware of them. To become a balanced person requires the scrubbing away of these flaws, though this does not come without its negatives.

Quite a bit of this philosophy dwells o... [Read more]

Musics The Hang Up Thoughts

The first track, πŸœ†, is pure beautiful midi feels. This album / artist reminds me of Unown from pokemon but I'm guessing it's some wingding font.

Released on ☿'s Bandcamp. Info: released January 12, 2020

Track πŸ₯ [Crucible] features Scamlines

Track 🝐 [Caduceus] features 触摸下

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