Albums / స్లష్ దేవత by లిక్విడ (Digital)

స్లష్ దేవత by లిక్విడ (Digital)

Album Description

Simple slushwave bops from a simpler time made of repurposed tracks from ファッション 77, We Live Inside a Dream and the long lost album Shazhi.

Released on Fireflower Foundation's Bandcamp. Info: released July 20, 2020

Made entirely in Audacity and Virtual DJ on a HP desktop PC from 2008.

Album cover design and original photo by Seffi Starshine

Many thanks to Melody Moonbeam, Celine Starshine, Eksie Kitchin, Hex-A-Decimal, Arasmas, Vito, Sheepy, Porter Vong, Desert Sand Feels Warm at Night and all the quipsters in Equip's Picks.

This album would not exist without the inspiration of DJ Prom Knight and his debut album The Perfect Kiss. Someday i hope to be as epic as you.

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