Albums / 死还是活着 by 龍麗華//Long Lihua (Digital)

死还是活着 by 龍麗華//Long Lihua (Digital)

Album Description

在方麗一展身手之前,龍麗華就已经被构思出来了。虽然被那个太极拳天才的闪电般的招式所取代,麗華却是为功夫而生。她的旗袍在一根二胡断弦的永恒之中飘扬。那时所听到的,如今又重回耳畔,这段爱情故事献给那些休憩着的,活着或者死去的//Before Lei Fang fought, Long Lihua was thought. Erased by the lightning strikes of the Taiji Quan prodigy, Lihua was to be born of Kung Fu. Now her qipao flows for eternity in the ever-resting silence of a broken erhu’s string. What was to be heard then, can be heard now in this romance dedicated to those who rest, Dead or Alive. ... [Read more]

死还是活着 by 龍麗華//Long Lihua (Digital) 1
死还是活着 by 龍麗華//Long Lihua (Digital)

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Released on holoJamz's Bandcamp. Info: released July 3, 2020

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