Albums / フルカラーディスプレイ by Shared Systems 有限 (Digital)

フルカラーディスプレイ by Shared Systems 有限 (Digital)

Album Description


A small satirical dive into the world of signalwave / broken transmission, presented to you in full colour display.

Made out of pure boredom in just shy of a week in quarantine on a laptop loaded with archive footage and an SP404.

Here is my half-assed yet honest attempt at making a project of signalwave / vaporwave, whilst also trying to demonstrate through the power of audio what my brain currently feels like in isolation.

I hope you get some kind of kick out of it, and i hope it makes you smile.

Released on Shared Systems 有限's Bandcamp. Info: released April 1, 2020

by 共有したシステム ▦▩

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