Albums / ソリス博物館 by Telenights (Digital)

ソリス博物館 by Telenights (Digital)

Album Description

I had awoken in a dark, spacious room. I didn't know where I was, and I didn't know where I was going. I looked around to find many statues and busts, all seemingly surveying me. I got up and felt a strange sensation like I was being watched by the many sculptures.

I walked around trying to find a door or light switch. I aimlessly danced around the sculptures trying to find some way out. It was just too dark to see anything. I felt my way along the walls until I could identify something. I had thought it was a light switch, so I tried pushing it. It clicked, and a dim light came on in the middle of the room. I looked up at it. It was purple and it flickered quite a bit. I... [Read more]

Released on Seikomart's Bandcamp. Info: released March 9, 2020


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