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Daydream by UNI DELUXE (Digital)

Album Description

Daydream is a feeling full of love, dance, funk, and groove. The farther you get into Daydream, the more the groove settles in. Hold on to this moment while you can grasp it and enjoy the funky goodness!

artist note: Another year, another great time to create very funky, groovy tracks for you all to enjoy. I love that I can just make this music for you all to vibe and groove to because that is my main point to the music. I make this for y'all and I love all the support you've given me. It pushes me to keep on creating and I love y'all so much. I hope you enjoy this album as much as I did! - UNI

Released on UNI DELUXE's Bandcamp. Info: released February 7, 2020

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