Albums / Deep Space ヒーロー by カデットMort (Digital)

Deep Space ヒーロー by カデットMort (Digital)

Album Description

A tribute to Mort The Chicken on the PSX

This albums starts with the adventure as Mort travels to unknown worlds. During his mission to save his chicken folk, he gets lost in space as his spaceship breaks down. Upon mechanical genius, Mort fixes his ship, saves his friends and returns home. As he returns home the land he so dearly loves welcomes him back. Not bad for a TV news anchor Chicken.


A KITE0080 Project // Original Story as a tribute to the Mort the Chicken 2 we never got.

Musics The Hang Up Thoughts

My first little EP coming out of the KITE0080 / MTHU project. Expect more releases like this in 2020. This will be my most creative year!

Released on KITE0080's Bandcamp. Info: released January 14, 2020

Thanks Crave Entertainment for creating such great game from my childhood.

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