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ΔQVΔRIVS by Various Artists (Digital)

Album Description

note : it is common to think that the best tracks on a compilation is on the beginning, and the curator places the other at the end. This is absolutely not how this compilation was conceived, it is a trip, first track is the beginning of this story, and last track is the end, we worked a lot with the artists to have their track very well matched with the theme.

note 27.03.2020

⚠️ Due to coronavirus lockdown in France, I'm afraid I cannot make delivery in safe conditions currently, Underwater Computing_ will become digital only label for a couple of weeks. Stay at home, and enjoy some digital stuffs, it's a great way to help the world 🏚️😷

📼💽💽tapes and ... [Read more]

Released on Underwater Computing _'s Bandcamp. Info: releases May 4, 2020

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