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EGO​[​death] by Samuel J. Quick (Digital)

released December 10, 2019

EGO​[​death] by Samuel J. Quick (Digital) 1
EGO​[​death] by Samuel J. Quick

Album Description


Samuel J. Quick – EGO[death]

Runtime: 36:01

Sam Quick is a name that has appeared in various corners of the internet music sphere, although perhaps not as prominently as he deserves. Boasting a catalogue of music that has been released, viewed privately amongst friends, deleted, or otherwise cordoned off onto a hard drive where it will remain, Vivarium Recordings is proud to release what could be called his true debut. This SoCal producer seems to be a jack of all trades as he encounters different genres and styles with the grace of a musician that has dealt with these sounds for many years. It's only now that those individual fragments have coalesced into one magnificent blend in EGO[death].

His life story is a harrowing one, one fraught with tragedy and personal triumph. Sam was wise enough to understand that these events did not define him, but would rather form the basis of his present day person. Just as the ground was shattering beneath him, he saw a better future for himself. Even as the tremors continued to rock him, his newfound attitude toward his very existence allowed him to perservere and turn those events into an abstract expression of his rallying cry for life. If anyone deserves to live it's Sam. And so does this album.

EGO[death] was written and produced by Samuel J. Quick.
Recorded and mastered from the depths of Apple Valley from summer to fall of 2019.
Artwork by m a g g i e . w a v
Additional mixing by m a g g i e . w a v

Released on Vivarium Recordings’s Bandcamp

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