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FICTION by Canyon Crows (Digital)

Album Description

Full album will be released on 4/29/2020.

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Canyon Crows is Scottish-based electronic musician, Stu Brett. His music melds elements of hypnagogic electronica with gothic-laced vaporwave, resulting in a filmic, synth-laden sonic landscape – a memory within a memory. Canyon Crows debut album ‘Fiction’ begins with a mysterious phone call left on an answer machine. A woman warning of a future distaster. The last track features the recipitent of the message - a Japanese scientist who is working on something that could change the world. Forever.
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Released on Cityman Productions's Bandcamp. Info: releases November 22, 2020

Canyon Crows™

Aneshka Pelowski - Vocals: Call
Roddy McDougall - Vocals: Response
Artwork © Emil Öhlund -

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