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Album Description

Feeling emotions I should have felt years ago are already kicking in. It’s a strange feeling. One I don’t know how to cope with. Though if it were to be fixed, the person would have to be close. Committing is a weird thing. Not something I imagine doing, but something I want to go on with. They’re not great, but the feel greater. The power they attract is huge for me. The negative feedback just feeds into me, which is something I adore, something I admire. It’s a feeling that can only be described as innocent. Moving forward would be difficult, followed by texts back which contains ‘I forgive, and will not forget.’ Strong hearted. None of steel. Rich taste and a big appeal. No appetite, however. Close one is a whole, close two more and it's love. Close once more and it is for life. But you see life is just a choice and a big thing in general. Either a waste of time or a time to love. That time you can forgive and forget. It is not something you can really regret though the feeling does dig deep. Goodbyes aren’t really true lies for it seems to have a peace of connection leaving it’s grip like a good night sleep. True lies. But false feeling can misdirect and leave off to a side to. A side that one is not believing. Incorrectness is deep inside and seeks to pray on what it is fed depending on that food appetite. Feed good before it goes too late down the hole we can not demonstrate but show there and then like the food on a plate. Just lines and lines of endless seas that’s what is seen through lifestyle you see. Creating unique patterns that don’t lead anywhere but and end. Looping around in one circle like it’s the last life we have. In our right mind we seek the answers we do not question therefore being no point in continuing. All I ask is answers to things I need and finally leave with nothing but the release of sighs and goodbyes with never ending lies and lies. A big poem is a big heart but broken down is a start to another start which ends in us. The two of us. Never ending. Never sending away. Too far. This is goodbye, the true lie. The true true lie. Double double negative negative negative is a positive outcome which leads to happiness. Maybe then they will understand the true meaning that is thought to be a red hearing. This this this this this. It is. This.

Released on DEADMAC’s Bandcamp. Info: released December 6, 2019 The heart

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