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House Over Honeys 2 by VA (Digital)

Album Description

OBS! The VA will be • free • to download once released. But bandcamp wont let preorders be 4 free.


House Over Honeys 2 is the second VA to come out from BGM8S Collective. We started this release as a way to give something to the community as well as giving ourselves and our friends a chance to get trax released that are just sitting on their harddrives.

This years compilation has grown since last year! 11 tunes from 7 different artists and this year with both national and international friends on the lineup! Our friends count Niles Cooper, Paawl, Beer Belly Pete and Blit... [Read more]

Musics The Hang Up Thoughts

best kind of life

Released on BGM8S Collective's Bandcamp. Info: released May 1, 2020

Tunes from:

- Niles Cooper
- Paawl
- Beer Belly Pete
- BlitzKrieger
- Wild Reflection
- Dan Sabel
- Divad

Artwork by: Divad

Released by BGM8S Collective

All Rights Reserved

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