Albums / スピリチュアルアセンション – m e m o r y メモリー (Digital)

スピリチュアルアセンション – m e m o r y メモリー (Digital)

Album Description

In our growing catalogue of digital releases we are satisfied to add スピリチュアルアセンション (Spiritual Ascension) by m e m o r y メモリー. With a keen sensibility for tracking down obscure music to sample from and giving it a unique spin in the editing, the busy Slushwave producer has created this collection of relaxing tracks, drawing inspiration from nature and spirituality in the process.

Bookended by two charmingly emotional, melody-driven pieces, the middle section of the album offers a string of minimally ambient soundscapes, inviting you to close your eyes and open your mind to the equalizing powers of nature.

Released on Liminal Garden's Bandcamp. Info: released August 27, 2021


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