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Midsummer – Binaural Space (Digital)

Album Description

Midsummer has always been a very special time for me for various reasons.

I love the days leading to the summer solstice because they're so long! Nothing can beat the feeling of sitting outside at 10 P.M. here in Czechia (like I'm sitting right now) and reading a book by daylight, or being with friends around a campfire and feeling the dark coming oh so slowly...

Summer solstice has always brought a lightweight sadness to me – because summer vacation hasn't even begun but the days are getting shorter from now on. That bittersweet feeling has been internal to my composing.

But the main charm of the period between June 21st and June 24th (which is m... [Read more]

Released on Binaural Space's Bandcamp. Info: released June 23, 2022

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