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mountain ambient II by .foundation (Digital)

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Above frozen grass the edges in the distance are traced by the dusk. The faded lines trickle into my camera through the haze, but the images are blurry. The frozen dew crunches underneath my feet as I follow the stream back.

Everything is bathed in golden light, and the mountains hum underneath the warming air. The wind rushes up their weathered faces from the valleys below to rejoin a cloudless sky. I walk along the ridgeline into the sun.

The paths through the grass were worn through to the dirt and the wooden benches besi... [Read more]

Released on NO PROBLEMA | DIGITAL's Bandcamp. Info: released June 8, 2020

Written & recorded 2019-2020 in the mountains of New Zealand & Colorado. "shrines" written & recorded with Keys for Eclipse.


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