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Movie Love – Discoholic (Digital)

Album Description


Movie Love is unbelievably smooth & energetic, and is sure to make you want to cut a rug - but don’t expect any old swing tune. The song breaks with contemporary music trends in a startling shift to create an unheard of & futuristic sound that’ll keep you boppin’ ‘til you drop, but it also tells a moving story of wanting love that’s like a movie. Woven within the remarkably pleasant melody is a story of 2 lovers amidst the backdrop of contemporary cinema or perhaps even the cinema of the future?
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Released on Discoholic's Bandcamp. Info: released June 25, 2021

Written by Michael Littrell & Andy Hoang
Violin performed by Amanda Huggenkiss & Joseph Mama
Viola performed by Michael Rotch
Cello performed by Hugh Jass
Double bass performed by Ivana Tinkle
Mixed by Ryan Lucht (
Mastered by FIBRE @ Montaime Studios
Cover edited by Nir4z (
Cover typography by mightberomeo (

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