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My Favorite VHS by Iden Kai (Digital)

Album Description

My favorite VHS, was born after a long time of work where I was able to find the genre I was born for: FutureFunk. It also came as the result of the arrival of a really special person in my life, the one who inspired the first song I ever produced, My favorite VHS and the rest of the album. I want people to feel through my music the wonderfulness of having someone that special in your life, someone who helps you and lets you achieve as wonderful things as her. I hope everytime someone listens to my album will get reminded of the ones who makes their life especial. The album largely consist of Futurefunk with the characteristic disco and asian pop touch, mostly the 80’s style, the synth pop, ... [Read more]

Released on Seikomart's Bandcamp. Info: released May 11, 2020


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