Albums / Nocturne Abyss (ノクターンアビス) by 田中聖子 (Digital)

Nocturne Abyss (ノクターンアビス) by 田中聖子 (Digital)

Album Description

this album was made to make you feel nostalgic, anxious, happy, and calm.

but it was made by someone who felt sad.

you will feel the sadness and existential dread i felt while making this.

my nocturne abyss.

-Seiko Tanaka, 7/14/15

Above note was found on a piece of paper taped to a cassette.

Originally produced in 2015, by Seiko Tanaka.

Remastered by Stranded Lotus.

Art by Stranded Lotus.

Released on SINE.WAV RECORDS's Bandcamp. Info: released June 19, 2020

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