Albums / On​-​line Globalization: 偽りの郷愁 – ECCO 深い夢 /// [SSI 囚人の夢] (Digital)

On​-​line Globalization: 偽りの郷愁 – ECCO 深い夢 /// [SSI 囚人の夢] (Digital)

Album Description

A dystopian future, after the ░░░░░ explosion and an intense global pandemic, a few survived, and those that did were kept under the ownership of the On-Line Globalization System. A non-profit corporation that aims to cryogenic the bodies of survivors and transfer their souls to a virtual space, where all the memories of the world where they lived are erased and new ones implanted, so that they don't remember how horrible all this happened with humanity and with planet Earth. Meanwhile, IGNZ Soaring God roams the hills and valleys, rebuilding the world for a new GENESIS... Made up of humans with no evil in their hearts... and no memories of their lives before the tragedy.

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Released on ATMO™'s Bandcamp. Info: released January 7, 2022

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