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Purple Visions by Karaoke VHS (Physical)

$50 USD or more 

Purple Visions by Karaoke VHS

Album Description

Karaoke VHS' grand vaporwave return, an homage to the original funk sounds that crafted the Minneapolis scene. Put out on cassette via Naughty Night Records in 2019 and now available on reel to reel for the first time ever!

Reel To Reel Tape *Pre-Order Til 04/17/2020*

Mastered for reel to reel tape and dubbed in real time at 7 1/2 IPS on brand new 5 inch reel to reel tape stock on a Purple colored reel.

Because of everything being NEW, these are not cheap to make and therefor are considered a premium item.

These are not "New Old Stock" or Recycled tape.

The way this Pre-Order will work is after the 2 weeks are up the order will be place to get the blank reels and i can pick them up the same day. from there the full production will start and these will be shipped out as they are done. These are being made and dubbed by one person but i will try to get them done as fast as i can. ^_^

Strictly 1 Per Person, any orders that try to order more then 1 will be canceled and refunded. No exceptions!

Released on Section 9's Bandcamp. Info: released April 4, 2020

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