Albums / Rarities (2018​-​2019) by Zer0 れい (Digital)

Rarities (2018​-​2019) by Zer0 れい (Digital)

Album Description

A collection of compilation appearances and lost tracks.

All proceeds from the sale of this album will go straight to covering the medical expenses of my dearest feline companion, Cthulhu.
Your support is greatly appreciated, even moreso than usual.

Annihilator, Armoured and Defeatist were part "Annihilation Engine", a collection of reworked tracks that never saw the light of day.

All other tracks were on various compilations linked below:
Iron Hand Annihilation
Baphomet Wept

Released on Zer0 れい's Bandcamp. Info: released February 23, 2020

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