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SEKIYU by SYNTHラブ (Digital)

Album Description

As many of you might know, I'm an extremely political person. So in response to all the events that transpired as a result of the death of George Floyd, I made this album. It's not much. I just wanted to release an album that could remind people to please keep resisting and fighting if you can and donate if you can, with a little bit of tongue-and-cheekness to it to lighten the mood a bit. It's relaxing too, so there's that. I decided to include the songs from my scrapped EP 馬FAME, since it doesn't have an actual release

All of the proceeds I get in the next month from buying anything from my discography (with the exception of Bogus Collective material) will be... [Read more]

Released on SYNTHラブ's Bandcamp. Info: released May 30, 2020

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