Albums / វិញ្ញាណ​បិសាច SHEBA by s i r o s ស៊ីរ៉ែន (Digital)

វិញ្ញាណ​បិសាច SHEBA by s i r o s ស៊ីរ៉ែន (Digital)

Album Description

You awake yet again with your head pulsing and your body drenched in sweat, only to find yourself deep within a lush, humid jungle climate. As the mosquitoes start to accumulate on the back of your neck and arms you realize that you've been here all day, running towards something; the sun is setting...

You squint and glimpse just up ahead to be a structure in the distance, through the brush and into a wide clearing you trek. The dilapidated sign atop this hulking relic reads "W A T E R L I L Y S H O P P I N G P L A Z A," covered in vines and brush that has since reclaimed the space for mother nature...

Upon entering its shattered sliding glass doors, you n... [Read more]

Released on Wave Racers Collective's Bandcamp. Info: released February 8, 2020


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