Albums / Signal Bells: Vol 1 by various artists (Digital)

Signal Bells: Vol 1 by various artists (Digital)

Album Description

This album is a shoutout to the past year of all the friends, projects and concerts I've come in contact with, as I started Musics The Hang Up.

Signalwave has quickly become my favorite genre in the scene and I wanted to contribute.

It's amazing because of a couple of tweets and a community coming together, 23 tracks now exist in the scene.

A huge thanks to everyone involved and creating something real special for the holidays. I hope this brings some joy and happiness.

Musics The Hang Up Thoughts

Thanks for a wonderful first year with MTHU. Thanks to all the artists who are part of this release. Thanks for all Patrons (Past / Present / Future). Thanks everyone who has been part of MTHU. Happy Holidays ~ KITE0080

Released on KITE0080's Bandcamp. Info: released December 25, 2019

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