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SKIN by Rav x KB x Scuare (Physical)

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SKIN by Rav x KB x Scuare

Album Description


What do an Asian kid born in the Soviet Union, a Brazilian kid born in Oklhahoma, and a kid from rural South Carolina have in common? Anxiety. Oh, and a lot of free time on the internet.

Rappers Rav, Scuare and Kill Bill crossed paths a decade ago, on the iconic flash animation website, Newgrounds, of all places. An unlikely meeting through the audio section lead to genuine friendships, as well as with the formation of the internet Hip-Hop coll... [Read more]

SKIN First Edition Compact Disc

Comes beautifully packaged in a 4-panel digipak case featuring original photography from Rav. Features a first edition emblem on the disc.

Includes unlimited streaming of SKIN via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Released on EXO's Bandcamp. Info: released February 26, 2020

Worth - produced by Gold Midas
down.exe - produced by driver
Celadon - produced by Kill Bill: The Rapper
Through The Fog - produced by Rav
Halve-Life - produced by Scuare
Breathing Underwater For Dummies - produced by Gold Midas
Belong - produced by Rav


○ Rav - @iamRav
○ Kill Bill: The Rapper - @iamKillBill
○ Scuare - @iamScuare


○ Rav -
○ Kill Bill: The Rapper -
○ Scuare -

Worth, down.exe, Celadon, Halve-Life and Breathing Underwater For Dummies were mixed by Rav. Through The Fog and Belong were mixed by Kill Bill: The Rapper and Rav. Mastered by Kill Bill: The Rapper and Rav. Recorded in Texas. Cover art and CD case design by Rav.

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