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Snow In Tokyo by Dr. Nakano (Digital)

Album Description

Professing to have existed between the time periods of 1929 to 1978 and 2304 BC to 2059 AD, Dr. Nakano (the Japanese sensei of times past, present and future) appears to be more of a psychokinetic entity that arrives through the unwilling conduit of his unknown test subject than the recording musician here himself. What we do know is that Nakano is the artist behind the poetic lyrics, performed here in English tongue with a panache that evokes memory of Mark E. Smith, sometimes obscured beneath layers of guitar, synth and drum machines.

'Snow In Tokyo' is the doctor's sophomore effort, taking the progressive-electronic leanings of his debut album 'Holographic World... [Read more]

Released on Dream Catalogue's Bandcamp. Info: released May 20, 2020

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