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Socotra by Leuchtend (Digital)

Album Description

Leuchtend returns with a brand new single and two breathtaking renditions of Hiighways, Socotra sees the music take a darker, more moody atmosphere.

Released on Tremolo Skies's Bandcamp. Info: releases May 1, 2020

Music by Aiden Harlow

Hiighways (PANDEMK mix) released along side Socotra & Hiighways (orchestral mix) courtesy of PANDEMK.

Artist management: Anthony Lopez (Achelon Media Group)

Recorded by Aiden Harlow
Recorded at Studio Istta
Mixed & mastered by Aiden Harlow
Mix & mastered at Studio Istta

Art direction & design: Aiden Harlow
Artwork by Aiden Harlow
Logo by Aiden Harlow

Leuchtend official HP:

Tremolo Skies
Achelon Media Group

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