Albums / The End of All Known Land – Hello Meteor (Digital)

The End of All Known Land – Hello Meteor (Digital)

Album Description

It is 1894. Following the first moon landing, Earth's nations engaged in cataclysmic nuclear war, turning our once abundant planet fallow. By 1938, the decades-long space race had revealed Jaladri, a small planet where tropical, temperate islands blanket lush landscapes stretching beyond The End of All Known Land. Travel to Jaladri is arduous and lengthy, but soldier and civilian pathfinders brave tumultuous passage in hope of finding a solution for future and past alike.

It is 1991. Opportunity abounds on Jaladri, now fully colonized. The discovery of a precious algae offers hope for Earth's arid fortune and a second chance for humanity.

Released on Hello Meteor's Bandcamp. Info: released October 19, 2021

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