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Untuned Piano Day by Binaural Space (Cassette)

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Untuned Piano Day by Binaural Space

Album Description

In the middle of the 1990’s, as a teenager, I built a little recording studio in the attic of our country cottage. It used to be a henhouse so it was accessible only by a ladder. I liked it that way though actors recording voiceovers or directors checking out my soundtracks grumbled. I made my best music there and I loved that place tremendously.

However, the cottage got flooded in 2002 and my parents reconstructed it afterwards. My dark little studio with one tiny peephole was rebuilt into a bright spacious guest room with three wi... [Read more]

Limited Edition Signed Cassette with bonus tracks

Binaural Space legendary piano album finally on a cassette – with two additional tracks from Binaural Space early years (and early ears) never released before!

Transparent Piano Brown C58 cassette with on-body silver hand-lettering by Binaural Space himself. Both sides comprised of music crafted so precisely that when the last track on each side finishes, tape's end follows immediately – you won't wait for more seconds than the leader length.

Each copy real-time recorded directly from analog master played on a fabled Marantz deck to a warm and beloved old Nakamichi deck, meaning every single copy is unique and has desired little artefacts like warble, flutter or wow, making your cassette a hearty lo-fi original.

Limited edition of only 15 cassettes.

Includes unlimited streaming of Untuned Piano Day via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Released on Binaural Space's Bandcamp. Info: released March 27, 2020

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