Albums / Weird Rap presents Interdependence by hecticrecs (Digital)

Weird Rap presents Interdependence by hecticrecs (Digital)

Album Description

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief is a collectively-run, decentralized volunteer network supporting marginalized communities during crises, including the current COVID-19 pandemic, by providing resources, boosting local efforts, and sharing knowledge and skills. Acting as an autonomy, with a loosely-based, adaptable structure, alone or with other groups, MADR is able to focus and maximize its energy, efficiently responding to events as needed while avoiding pitfalls of traditionally-structured non-profits. The principle of "solidarity, not charity" means that actions are based on the stated needs of the communities it serves, working cooperatively rather than administering from above. [Read more]

Released on hecticrecs's Bandcamp. Info: releases May 27, 2020

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