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Windows 667 by Terminal Boss (Digital)

Album Description

Windows 667 is the greatest release of Windows yet!

Released by Terminal Boss himself (previously known as 1029chris) in 2016, "Windows 667" was my personal favorite windowswave project I've heard in 2017. I'm so glad to say that my personal classic is now available via Vaporwave Tapes Brasil. And soon in cassette tapes.

"This album just started out as me messing around with the Windows Startup sounds, and now its this! I'm always open to feedback, if you have any!

This album was made entirely with open source software. This includes LMMS, Audacity, espeak, and others, running on Fedora Linux.

If you are using my music in... [Read more]

Released on Vaporwave Tapes Brasil's Bandcamp. Info: released March 23, 2020

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