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eternal wind by dog enterprises (Digital) 10

eternal wind by dog enterprises (Digital)

internet dating club The year is coming to a close so I don’t expect new revolutionary music to hit before the 2020s. Maybe dog enterprises hasn’t exactly done that but he has done something unique with this album worth noting. They take the vocal elements of radio weather broadcasts, typically found in weathersoft, and uses them in a dark ambient tone. Which works way better than I’ve even seen a weathersoft album in giving off the dark mysterious feelings of natural disasters. As it is Friday, I can safely say this is the most impactful album of the week for me. released December 12, 2019

きょうの天気 by 天気予報 (Digital) 11

きょうの天気 by 天気予報 (Digital)

天気予報 I know that sample from something on the first track, Fushigi. It’s like my brain is hearing a christmas song as i hum along to such a familiar song. It’s weird how a tempo change and an effect can trick your brain into this in and out loop of familiar sounds. released December 11, 2019

The World That No Longer Exist by 불가사의그만큼INTERNET (Digital) 12

The World That No Longer Exist by 불가사의그만큼INTERNET (Digital)

Shibuya Audio Company The album art has DDS on it so i was interested. With tags like contemporary Jazz and Christain I wasn’t sure what I was expected to hear. As usual in Vaporwave, even if it looks like it’s going to be memes, there’s actually some pretty good music in there. The first song, Welcome, has an interesting transition between ambience, beats and experimental. Which is a great way to describe the rest of the album. Favorite track, Vague Hill. released December 11, 2019