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端 – 死亡頻道 (Digital)

Album Description


Date: 01/12/3042

Subject: Unit 78-304-J a.k.a “The Death Goddess of Shenzhen (死亡頻道)” (Malicious supernatural entity)

Location: Housed in Level 4C – Supernatural Anomalous Containment; IRIS Research Facility, Antarctica


Research Specialist: Dr. Ino Takahawa

“We've come across a vast amount of supernatural entities since the founding of IRIS. From all across the Earth we've searched and contained thousands, but the one we are documenting today has been one of the most elusive.

Unit 78-304-J is an entity that eluded for years in the ruins of old Shenzhen. The city was hit part... [Read more]

Released on 夢のチャンネル's Bandcamp. Info: released July 20, 2020

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