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Black Mold and Hot Springs, Taipei by (Z)erpents (Vinyl)

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Black Mold and Hot Springs, Taipei by (Z)erpents

Album Description

This is a soundtrack; close your eyes - you can see the film. While the camera strains, image wobbling, making the most of a lack of light, there are riots in the streets; armored vehicles blasting water cannons; a teenager in a bandana kicks a tear gas canister back toward the line of cops. Natural disasters; a wall of water washing cars from the street; half-finished skyscrapers collapse; cracks opening in the earth’s surface.

這像是電影配樂,在閉上雙眼之際便能清楚看見這部電影。鏡頭過濾、晃動,將所有的光去除。街上的抗爭、武裝載具發射加壓水砲、穿戴頭巾的少年將催淚瓦斯踢回警察防線之中。天災襲來:雨牆沖刷街上的汽車,未完成的摩天大樓接續... [Read more]

Limited Edition 12" Vinyl (100 pressings)

12" black vinyl LP with back and front cover art

Includes unlimited streaming of Black Mold and Hot Springs, Taipei via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Released on Future Proof : 面向異日's Bandcamp. Info: released September 21, 2020

Guitar: Paul Lai
Saxophone: Xiao Liu
Drums: Joseph Mauro
Synths/Electronics: Richard Lawson
Bass/Electronics/Vocals: Swivel

Mixing/mastering: Timothy Dewit
Engineer: Tom Honda Chen
Photography/layout: Joseph Mauro

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