Albums / skyline deluxe by 探求:sleep&dream (Digital)

skyline deluxe by 探求:sleep&dream (Digital)

Album Description

You enter the elevator, brass glinting all around, the scent from the new oak hand rails penetrates your senses as you gaze out across the warm glow of the city, you ascend to the 100th floor.

The door's glide open, Jeeves is waiting to take your coat

'Please enjoy your time with us, luxury and beyond'.

You remove your coat and hand it to Jeeves, the sparkle of water from the emerald fountain in the center of the room catches your eye as you walk over to the floor to ceiling windows and light your cigarette, you inhale and blow the smoke up towards the hanging plants as the sounds of small chatter and smooth sax fill the air.

Jeeves ret... [Read more]

Released on Sunset Grid's Bandcamp. Info: released May 3, 2020

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