Albums / heavylightdreams by qualchan. + mattlikestapes (Digital)

heavylightdreams by qualchan. + mattlikestapes (Digital)

Album Description

Side A by qualchan.
Tracks 1-24

"qualchan. is a native american multi-disciplinary artist residing deep in the heart of cascadia. they describe their work as a reimagining of americana filtered through the tropes of new age, focusing primarily on living through the anthropocene. they call this wave now age, & are the only member of this school. They have released through Strategic Tape Reserve, Hotham Sound, No Problema and many others."

Side B by mattlikestapes
Mastered by Z. Emerson
Tracks 25-38

"Matt Macfarlane l... [Read more]

Released on holoJamz's Bandcamp. Info: released August 16, 2020

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