Albums / [VX05] 𝔊𝔒𝔗ℌℑℭ 𝔗𝔈ℭℌ by ₳§ᗐM̶R̳ (Physical)

[VX05] 𝔊𝔒𝔗ℌℑℭ 𝔗𝔈ℭℌ by ₳§ᗐM̶R̳ (Physical)

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[VX05] 𝔊𝔒𝔗ℌℑℭ 𝔗𝔈ℭℌ by ₳§ᗐM̶R̳

Album Description

₳§ᗐM̶R̳ - Gothic Tech [ RE-ViSiONED]

Running Time: 29 minutes, 14 seconds


As we head towards the future, we find ourselves in danger of forgetting the stories imparted on us by our ancestors. The reaper becoming a long abandoned memory, a useless tradition, forgone in the face of humanity integrating with technology. But ₳§ᗐM̶R̳ does not forget, as the reaper manifests in different forms, an always present entity that will shed his cloak for code. Brimming with allu... [Read more]


Includes unlimited streaming of [VX05] 𝔊𝔒𝔗ℌℑℭ 𝔗𝔈ℭℌ via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Released on Holloway Tapes's Bandcamp. Info: released October 2, 2020

Originally released March 5, 2019. Vivarium Recordings - VR_13


Gothic Tech was written and produced by ₳§ᗐM̶R̳.
Recorded and mastered in the heart of the void from October 2017 to February 2018.

Re-mastered at 11North Labs, 2020. Digital release 3/5/2020.


Original Artwork by ₳§ᗐM̶R̳:
Re-release Art & Design by Paul Maitre:
Featuring m a g g i e . w a v:

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